BBA (Hons) Degree



Modern Business Management calls for a multidisciplinary approach. The Honours Degree is spread over four years. The first two years have been designed to provide a broad knowledge in a range of disciplines. The second half of the programme focuses on the respective specialized subject disciplines a compulsory year-long supervised research project aims to develop the students’ research skills and the ability to independently inquire and find solutions to business issues. In order to gain a real life exposure to the industry, students are advised to undergo a business internship programme prior to completion of the degree programme. The programme will allow for concentration on one off five distinct specializations in accordance with their preferences and abilities, as below:

  • Human Capital Management
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Marketing Management
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Analytics


1. Human Capital Management

People need to be viewed not just as a resource, but rather, as a capital asset available to an organization. Covering the theoretical foundation of HCM, the program provides a sound appreciation of other related business disciplines. It will provide students with the knowledge, skills and social awareness necessary to manage people, whether nationally, or internationally.

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2. Accounting and Finance

Knowledge of Accounting and Finance is essential for the sound management of a business. A sound grasp of fundamentals is required to keep pace with the rapid changes and increasing complexity of modern business; especially true for the Accounting and Finance disciplines. The  Degree Programme allows the student to acquire an in-depth knowledge required by an expert in Finance and Accounting. Electives available in the final year allow a student an avenue for further specialization in a selected field.

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3. Marketing Management

Marketing products and services no longer suffice. Marketers also need to market their respective organizations; a more holistic concept by far. The programme will enable the student to gain an entirely new perspective; viewing the organization and its offers from the point of view of a customer. The programme will provide the student an in-depth knowledge of the art and science of marketing as is practised in today’s competitive business environment.

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4.  Logistics & Supply Chain Management

The program specializing Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) provides students with the core knowledge related to a wide variety of logistics and supply chain activities, including demand planning, purchasing, inventory control, material handling, product and service support, information technology, transportation, distribution, warehousing and strategic supply chain management. In addition, the program focuses on the analysis, design, implementation, planning, control, and improvement of manufacturing and service processes.

The study of Logistics and Supply Chain Management prepares students for professional careers with manufacturers, distributors, transportation carriers, logistics service providers, and consulting firms. The curriculum provides the required theoretical/conceptual base and analytical methods for making sound operational and strategic business decisions.

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5. Business Analytics

Business organizations of the 21st century maintain large databases with information about their customers, supply chain and competitors. They strive to establish a competitive advantage by using such information to make better business decisions. Data-driven companies treat their data as a strategic asset.

Business analytics is the discipline of applying quantitative analytical models to analyse data, particularly found in large volumes, to help make better business decisions. Successful business analytics depends on data quality, skilled analysts who understand the technologies as well as the business and an organizational commitment to data-driven decision making.

In the recent past, career opportunities for business analytics graduates have exploded as major organizations have adopted data driven and technology focused approaches.

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Passes in three subjects (in any subject stream) at the G. C. E. (Advanced Level) Examination (Sri Lanka) or 3D passes (Edexel/Cambridge) in one and the same sitting and a pass at the aptitude test conducted by the SLIIT.


A semester fee of Rs.135,000/= ( + Taxes ) will have to be paid to the SLIIT for each semester for the period of four years, to complete the degree in Sri Lanka. Fees for any subsequent semester should be paid prior to the commencement of each semester.

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