Final year research projects conduct by the students of BBA (Hons) degree programme

Group Number Topic Supervisor Co-Superior
1  Application of human capital management practices for Sri Lankan garment industry  Ms Lasantha Abeysiri  Mr Ranitha Weerarathna
3  Predictability of stock returns using financial ratios  Ms Maliendra Gunawardena  Ms Rangika Peiris
4  An exploratory study on the current development & future potential of the capital market in Sri Lanka  Ms Maliendra Gunawardena  Ms Thilakshi Kulasinghe
5  Determinants & consequences of occupational stress among sewing machine  operators in the apparel industry  Dr Theekshana Suraweera  Ms Anupama Dissanayake
6  Comparative study of the impact on consumer buying behavior in different social classes of consumer packs of tea  Mr Kingsley Bernard  Ms Udanee Samarasinghe
7  Determinants of capital structure in the Sri Lankan hotel industry  Dr Sharmini Perera  Ms Thilakshi Kulasinghe
8  Dividend policy and firm performance  Dr Theekshana Suraweera  Mr Ranitha Weerarathna
9  Re-modeling the marketing mix at new product diffusion – Finagle’s Low GI Bread  Dr Theekshana Suraweera  Ms Udanee Samarasinghe
10  An analysis of the impact of corporate social performance initiatives on firm’s  shareholder value creation  Prof Chandana Perera  Ms Thilakshi Kulasinghe
11  Characteristics the HCM adaption is Sri Lankan organizations  Ms Lasantha Abeysiri  Mr Ranitha Weerarathna
12  Development and validation of an assistant tool for occupational health  Dr Theekshana Suraweera  Ms Chathurangika Kahandawarachchi
13  Significance of social media as a marketing tool  Prof Chandana Perera  Ms Udanee Samarasinghe
14  A descriptive study to find the most appropriate group of celebrity for endorsing  fast food consumer goods.  Mr Kingsley Bernard  Ms Udanee Samarasinghe
15  Micro finance  Mr Kingsley Bernard  Ms Nisha Jayasuriya
16  Brand image  Dr Sharmini Perera  Ms Udanee Samarasinghe
17  Impact of service quality and consumer decision factors on brand equity of leasing market  Dr Sharmini Perera  Ms Rangika Peiris
18  Accounting practices and survival of micro businesses  Dr Theekshana Suraweera  Ms Chathurini Kumarapperuma
19  Factors affecting financial failure of SMEs in Sri Lanka  Ms Maliendra Gunawardena  Ms Thilakshi Kulasinghe
20  Glass ceiling impact  Ms Lasantha Abeysiri  Ms Chalani Kuruppu
21  Market demand estimation framework/software application  Ms Muditha Thissera  Ms Chathurangika Kahandawarachchi
22 Inventory Management in Small and Medium-Sized Hardware shops in Sri Lanka Prof.Chandana Perera Ms. Rangika Peiris
23 ICT Readiness Assessment for Secondary Schools In Sri Lanka Dr.Theekshana Suraweera Ms.Chalani Kuruppu
24 Assessing the Quality of Service of Higher Education Institutions in Sri Lanka : Student Perspective Dr.Theekshana Suraweera Ms.Chalani Kuruppu
25 Assessing the  Quality of graduates of Higher Education Institutions  Dr.Theekshana Suraweera Ms.Chalani Kuruppu
26 Role of EQ of Mangers on the Overall performance in the Banking Sector  Dr.P.D.Nimal Mr.Ranitha Weerarathna
27 Trends in Expenditure Patterns of ‘blue-collar workers’ in industrial  zones in Sri Lanka  Dr.P.D.Nimal Ms.Shashitha Jayakodi
28 The Impact of eWOM on Different Customer Segments of The Hospitality Industry Mr.Kingsley Bernard Ms.Nisha Jayasuriya
29 Purchasing Behavior of  Beauty care  Products by Young Females ( Impact of Culture; Ethnicity?)  Mr.Kingsley Bernard  Ms.Udanee Samarasinghe
30 Influence of Humour in Achieving Marketing Communication Goals: Case of Television Advertising Mr.Kingsley Bernard Ms.Nisha Jayasuriya
31 Impact of Product Package Color on Consumer’s Buying Behavior Ms.Udanee Samarasinghe Mr.Kingsley Bernard
32 Effect of Relationship Marketing  on customrr Loyality in the Fasion Footware Business  Prof. Chandana Perera Ms Nisha Jayasuriya
33 Impact of social media marketing towards customer purchase decision in private hospitals  Mr.Kingsley Bernard Ms Anupama Dissanayake
34 Relationship between employee Empowerment and  comitment in IT Sector Dr.Theekshana Suraweera Ms.Chalani Kuruppu
35 Impact of manmade structures on the performance of small scale tourist hotels – Case of  Unawatuna Beach Area Ms Mano Weligodapola Ms.Anupama Dissanayake
36 Adoption of of Learning Management Systems in Sri Lankan Higher Education Institutes: Case  of SLIIT students  Dr.Ochini Madanayake Ms.Lilanka Panditha
37 The role of tertiary education institutes in terms of teaching and research in transiting to a knowledge based economy. Dr.Ochini Madanayake Ms.Anupama Dissanayake
38 Awareness and usage of Balance Score Card Method in SME Sector Ms Mano Weligodapola Ms.Shashitha Jayakodi
39 Microcredit as an Effective Strategy to Empower Women: Evidence from Sri Lanka Ms Maliendra Gunawardena Ms.Shashitha Jayakodi
40 Impact of Corporate Governance on Performance of The Commercial Banking Sector in Sri Lanka Ms Maliendra Gunawardena Ms.Chathurini Kumarapperuma
41 Impact of Capital Structure on Firm’s Financial Performance ( case of listed plantaion companies in Sri lanka) Ms Maliendra Gunawardena Ms.Chathurini Kumarapperuma
42 An Exploratory on the extent to which HCM is practiced by commercial banks in SL Mr.Ranitha Weerarathna
43 Effect of Ergonomics on Performance in Information Technology Sector   Mr.Ranitha Weerarathna
44 Impact of Work Life Balance to organisational Performance in IT Workforce ( case of Vertusa Corporation) Mr.Ranitha Weerarathna


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