Sundara Guru Gedara @ Rajapaksha Central College, Weeraketiya

The 13th ‘Sundara Guru Gedara’ workshop (Soft skills training workshop) was held on 18th July 2014 at Rajapaksha Central College, Weeraketiya. There were about 360 A/L students participated the workshop and all the participants had the opportunity to relax their minds for couple of hours and learn new study skills. In his speech, the principal mentioned that he was very positive about the entire workshop, and he received numerous comments from students and teachers about how much they learned and how much they enjoyed themselves. He gave a special thank to SLIIT team for conducting a CSR project like this at Rajapaksha Central College. The workshop was organized by the Matara Center, SLIIT and conducted by the Faculty of Business, SLIIT.

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